The Frog Prints Cane Toad Poster

(900mm x 600mm)

$10 each, $20 laminated

(Add $7.50 postage anywhere in Australia)


Frogs of South-East Queensland & North-East New South Wales Poster

(600mm x 400mm)

$8.50 each, $15 laminated

(Add $7.50 postage anywhere in Australia)


Macroinvertebrates of South-East Queensland & North East New South Wales

(400mm x 600mm)

Limited edition printed poster - 55 different macros, each with a sensitivity rating of 1 - 10

$30 plus $15 postage anywhere in Australia

All posters are available by contacting The Frog Prints directly

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All photographic images were produced using Canon EOS 100 and 50 bodies, Tamron 90 f2.8 and Sigma 90 f2.8 macro lenses with Canon MTL 50 ring flash. I only use print film-mainly Fuji 400 asa. None of the images have been manipulated or cropped and in most cases I've bred the frogs from egg and tadpole and often grown the flowers as well. The only manipulation is placing the frog in the flower, but some shots were taken in situ. I don't keep any frog in captivity longer than overnight, or in the case of metamorphs until they develop adult colouration. If I photograph frogs from outside my property, they're returned to their point of origin as soon as the shoot is finished.